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Miniature UV datalogger for long-time monitoring of moving goods, persons or animals, additional sensors e.g. temperature, pressure, rel. humidity, illuminance (VIS) 2.000.000 data records.
A sensor with application specific characteristics (UV broadband, UVA, UVB, UVC, erythema or v(lambda)) and a PC software is included.

Like UVMINILOG but smaller and less weight, also available as IP67 version, shorter battery lifetime.


Touch-screen based module to display up to four sensor values


Measuring and control module for monitoring and automation of irradiation processes.
Indication of radiation, dose and status information Three programmable relays for automation of single- and multi-level irradiation processes.
Input for one probe with pre-amplification or one photodiode.


Versatile industry measurement controller for control cabinet integration.
adjustable setpoints, relay output, condition visualization via multicolor-LED, possible inputs - photo current 4nA...4µA, 4...20mA, 0...20mA, 0...xV (x configurable up to 10), DIN rail mounting


Like Sensor Monitor 5.0 but with USB and RS232 outputs for data transfer to a PLC or computer.


Like Sensor Monitor 5.0 but with two measuring inputs for simultaneous measurement/switching with two probes/photodiodes for measurement of two different radiations or at two different measurement points.
Various logic combinations of both signal inputs with the three relays.